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We like to offer a range of different chainsaws for everyone’s use. We provide three different types for all purposes and requirements.

We offer the saw horses which is made out of steel. As an extra with this saw horse, we provide it with a chainsaw holder so that it can fit a variety and number of tools in there for when you need them and are using the chainsaw to help make your job easier. The saw horse range also has flexible feet so that it doesn’t fall over when in use causing any damage or harm to the user and keeping a hold of your safety.

We also provide you with a land owner’s range of chainsaws which are all packed with features like air injection, low vibration so you can keep a steady hand and maintain the sturdiness when the chainsaw is in use. The land owner’s chainsaws also come with a visible fuel level so that you can keep a better track of how much you are using and be able to see if you have enough to finish the job. This will also keep a record of how much it needs for every use of the chainsaw whether the job is big or small.

We provide chainsaws for the more professional user which is a better build for those higher demanding conditions and applications. Also this range has a reduced fuel consumption level and exhaust emissions which will benefit all customers and the emissions. Also within this large range we have the crankcase and crankshaft which are extra heavy duty and the carburettor has a vibration that will dampen in order to handle high speeds and also high loads which will make the handling of the chainsaw easier for your use.

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