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There is something endearing about the clean, defined edges of a well trimmed hedge in any garden or landscape. With our range of hedge clippers and shears at PS Marsden you can keep you garden or customers gardens tidy and give woodland and hedged areas that landscaped and more sculpted look.

Designed as the ultimate tool for keeping unruly and wild hedges and bushes at bay, every amateur and keen gardener should own a pair of hedge shears or clippers whether to work on topiary designs or keep annual growth spurts in check so gardens look pristine, neat and tidy.

At PS Marsden we offer a variety of manual hedge clippers and hedge shears which boast ergonomic design, soft grip handles and even tension absorbers to make cutting hedges simple, easy, efficient and safe without any strains on body parts.

The range of lengths available and the length that you choose for your garden projects or jobs will depend on how much hedge or bush plantation that you have to trim. While larger blades will cut hedging areas faster, they can be heavier and more awkward than shorter blades.

Please take the time to browse our full range of hedge trimmers from some of the highest quality manufacturers. Should you have any questions about our range or not be able to find exactly what you are looking for then please don’t hesitate to contact the PS Marsden team who are experienced to and happy to provide advice and guidance


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