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Marlow Dead-Eye Slings

These traditional tree rigging slings are made using Marlowbraid construction. Marlow Dead-Eye Slings are high strength, low stretch and hard wearing polyester cover eliminates the need for PU coatings.

Marlow Whoopie Slings

Whoopie Slings are adjustable in length so that one sling can do the job of several. Marlow Whoopie Slings are factory spliced with one fixed eye and one adjustable and are manufactured using a unique multi-braided construction for improved durability without the need for PU coating.

Weblift 1 Tonne Sling-Endless

Weblift 1 Tonne Sling, 20mm Diameter, Straight Rating-1000kg, Choker Rating-800kg, Basket Rating-1400kg, Approved Standard EN1492-2.

Weblift 2 Tonne Sling-Endless

Weblift 1 Tonne Sling, 24mm Diameter, Straight Rating-2000kg, Choker Rating-1600kg, Basket Rating-2800kg, Approved Standard EN1492-2.

Weblift 3 Tonne Sling-Endless

Weblift 3 Tonne Sling, 28mm Diameter, Straight Rating-3000kg, Choker Rating-2400kg, Basket Rating-4200kg, Approved Standard EN1492-2.

Weblift 4 Tonne Sling-Endless

Weblift 4 Tonne Sling, 32mm Diameter, Straight Rating-4000kg, Choker Rating-3200kg, Basket Rating-5600kg, Approved Standard EN1492-2.

Yale Dead Eye Sling 3.6mtr

Product Code: ARYA-93040EYE12

3.6mtr Dead Eye Sling, 16mm Rope Diameter, Load Rating 1270kg, Double Esterlon

£48.00 ex. VAT
Yale Dead Eye Sling 4.5mtr

Product Code: ARYA-93048EYE15

4.5mtr Dead Eye Sling, 19mm Rope Diameter, Load Rating 1496kg.

£58.00 ex. VAT
Yale Dead Eye 8mtr

Product Code: ARYA-93048EYE26

Dead Eye 8m (25') 19mm Double Esterlon Large Eye

£63.00 ex. VAT

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