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Grillo G Z1 Tiller

Product Code: 8BXAY

Standard single speed rotary tiller with 4 tines + tillers, working width 52 cmm 35 kg weight.

£523.00 £563.00 ex. VAT
Grillo Princess MR Tiller

Product Code: 87LAE

Standard rotary tiller with 6 hoes and several tillers, working width 83 cm

£636.00 £684.00 ex. VAT
Image Coming Soon

Product Code: 8E4AE

The G52 is a small walking tractor able to accept a range of attachments. · 50cm tilling width · All gear drive · Adjustable handles with anti vibration · 1 forward & 1 reverse gear

£1491.00 £1605.00 ex. VAT
Grillo G55 A Commercial walking tractor

Product Code: 8FA8M

A Commercial walking tractor able to accept a variety of useful attachments ·58cm tilling width ·Professional all gear drive train ·Handles are adjustable in height & from side to side ·Petrol or Diesel engine options ·Low Vibration levels ·2 forward +2 reverse Our smallest Commercial model

£1730.00 £1863.00 ex. VAT
Grillo G 85d Walking Tractor

Product Code: 8ER2U

A Top of the range Commercial walking tractor, numerous attachments available ·Tilling width options from 58 to 70cm ·Heavy duty professional all gear drive

£2414.00 £2675.00 ex. VAT
Grillo Princess MR Tiller Professional

Product Code: 87L8M

Grillo Princess MR Tiller Professional A commercial quality rotavator suitable for the professional user or someone looking for that little bit extra.

£739.00 £795.00 ex. VAT

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