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If you are looking for an Electric Cylinder Lawn Mowers then we have just the machine you are looking for, The Bosch ASM 32 Cylinder Mower. Cylinder Mowers are one of the best types of lawn mowers to buy, as when the lawnmower goes forward, either pushed or of its own accord, it creates the perfect striped lawn you are looking for.

Bosch have created the 32cm Cylinder mower and it produces these great results with its Quattro-Cut blades. It is lightweight and easy to use and with its 31 litre grass box, you have to empty a lot less. With a sharp adjustable bottom blade and a rear roller for stripes and cutting close to the edge of the lawn this great machine really does have it all. With a choice of cutting heights from 12 Ė 32mm and a 360w motor you really do have a powerful and accurate machine. This machine also comes with a space saving mechanism, ergonomic handles for easy pushing and steering, even near walls, but they fold in 2 different ways to save space.

With over 45 years experience within the trade we are here to help our customers. If you arenít quite sure of just the mower you need for the job then just get in touch and one of highly trained team of experts will be happy to help. We are sure to be able to find just what you are looking for in our huge range. If you need some advice on the best product for you or have a few questions regarding our products Iím sure one of our team will have the answer. Here at PS Marsden we pride ourselves on the customer service we provide our customers the very best, personal and friendly service, so why go anywhere else?


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