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Petzl Sequoia Swing Harness

Product Code: PZC69SFA

Arborist seat harness with integrated adjustable seat

£221.42 ex. VAT
Petzl Sequoia SRT

Product Code: PZC69AF0

SEQUOIA SRT, Seat harness for arborists using ascent techniques on single ropes

£196.41 ex. VAT
Petzl Sequoia

Product Code: PZC690F0

SEQUOIA, Seat harness for arborists using traditional footlock ascent techniques

£178.54 ex. VAT
Petzl Caritool

Product Code: PZP42 PZP42L

Caritool, Tool holder

£4.21 ex. VAT
Petzl Vertex Vent Helmet

Product Code: PZA11

Ventilated helmet for work-at-height and rescue.

£48.95 ex. VAT
Petzl Macrocender

Product Code: PZB51

Macrocender, 12-19mmm RopePetzl, Cam-loaded rope clamp for large diameter rope, Removeable axle can be used to install or remove the clamp at any point on the rope.

£60.77 ex. VAT
Petzl Ascentree

Product Code: PZB19WAA

Designed for ascending double ropes in trees using the "footlock" technique or with two PANTIN foot ascenders

£98.03 ex. VAT
Petzl Pantin

Product Code: PZB02ARA / PZB02ALA

It is used to complement CROLL, ASCENSION or ASCENTREE rope clamps.

£36.24 ex. VAT
Petzl Croll

Product Code: PZB16AAA

Used with the ASCENSION rope clamp for ascending a rope, Toothed cam with self-cleaning slot optimizes performance under any conditions (e.g. frozen or dirty ropes)

£26.40 ex. VAT
Petzl Ascension

Product Code: PZB17WRA / PZB17WLA

Handled ascender: right- and left-handed versions, Designed for ascending and occasionally for hauling (progress capture),Wide, ergonomic molded handle allows a comfortable yet powerful grip.

£30.55 ex. VAT
Petzl Vertex Best Helmet

Size 53-63cm, six-point mesh liner conforms to the shape of the head for improved comfort

£52.50 ex. VAT
Petzl Newton Basic Modular Fall Arrest Harness (Size 1)

Product Code: PZC73000-1

Waist Belt 75 - 104cm, Leg Loops 53 - 66cm, Height 173 - 187cm

£74.98 ex. VAT

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