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Supaturf TLS Mk2 Line Marking Machine

Product Code: 4TLS331

The TLS provides the ultimate in usability combined with ease of maintenance. It comes complete with a built-in wash tank for easy cleaning of pump, pipes and nozzles.

£830.00 ex. VAT
Supaturf Briteliner ARROW 3" & 4", 5" Transfer Wheel Marker

Product Code: 4BA3,4BA4,ABA5

A completely re-designed and re-engineered transfer wheel line marker.

£385.00 ex. VAT
Supaturf TXE 252 & 505 Marking Disc Attachment

Product Code: 4MMD1

which can be adjusted for width of line and creates extra sharp edges to the applied line. A must to achieve the highest quality line.

£115.00 ex. VAT
Suapaturf TXE 252 & 505 Athletics Marker Attachment

Which allows three lines to be marked in one pass.

£190.00 ex. VAT
Supaturf TXE 252 & 505 Spray Boom Attachment

Product Code: 4SB1

A 3-nozzle spray boom attachment for spraying turf dyes.

£150.00 ex. VAT
Supaturf TXE 252 & 505 Spray Lance Attachment

Product Code: 61HLTXE

Easy fit Spray Lance is the ideal tool for spot treatment of weeds and/or disease.

£95.00 ex. VAT

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