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As part of our large range we offer a large range of helmets to help protect your safety around the head so that when you are using the chainsaws nothing will drop on your heading so it won’t cause you any damage or harm and will help keep you protected. Within this range we provide the helmets with a visor which will also help to keep your eyes protected so that you are not getting any large chunks of wood entering the eye and making sure they are fully protected.

Another source of chainsaw clothing we like to offer is the gloves. The gloves are a main part to the chainsaw clothing because when you a holding the chainsaw when it is in use, it gives off a vibration so it will allow you to keep a hold of the chainsaw with more grip as they come with a reinforced grip for everyone’s needs and requirements.

We also provide our customers with the choice of the coveralls which is an all in one suit which will provide the best safety as there is no skin being shown. As we like to provide our customers with safety precaution, this suit has a two way zip closure and has a back ventilation to help ease the use and not much too much pressure of heat onto the user wearing the suit. This suit protects mainly the arms and the shoulders as they have extra padding within those areas of the suit.

View our Chainsaw clothing range below.


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