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Please find below images and contact details of our team.

We're not a pretty bunch, but we are here to help.

Iain Marsden - Director

Iain Marsden

Iain "Worzel" Marsden - as Director of the company he has many heads on his shoulders. He has his thinking head, his dancing head, and his singing head.

Mobile: 07802 276937

Tel: 0115 9615431



Martin Edis - General Manager

Martin Edis

Some people look at Martin and think that because he's so good looking with a God like body that he can't be highly intelligent, funny and witty as well, but he is, it's a cross he has to bear.

I bet you can't guess who put all this together.

Mobile: 07971 183123

Tel: 0115 9614734


Skype: psmmowers.

Geoff Botham - Sales

Geoff Botham - Sales

Geoff "The Butcher" Botham - drinks Aspen Fuel for breakfast, lunch and tea and If you don't buy anything he will have you hung drawn and quartered before you can say "Aspen Fuel".

Tel: 0115 9615431


Stephen Cooper - Mobile Technician

Stephen Cooper - Mobile Technician

Steve "The not so Mini" Cooper will do all he can to get your machine up and running and if he can't he will throw it over his shoulders and carry it back to base.

Contact Martin Edis on 0115 9614734 to arrange a visit from our Mobile Technician

Derrick Butler - Technician

Derrick Butler - Technician

Some say he once smiled back in 1975, others say that it was just trapped wind. All I know is that I had to Photoshop this image just to make it look like a smile.


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